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Postharvest shelf-life extension of pomegranates using Breatheway modified atmosphere packaging technology

Shehbaz Singh (Apio Inc.,California)Angel Reyes (Apio Inc.,California)Mehmet Seckin ADAY (Cal Poly, California)

Pomegranate is known as a non-climacteric fruit and has a shelf-life longer than two months if stored between 0 degrees C and 10 degrees C. Weight loss, discoloration and mold growth are the main problems that limit the storage of fruit. MAP technology maintains the postharvest quality of fruits by lowering respiration rate, enzymatic activity and preventing weight loss and softening. In this work, the effect of different BreatheWay membranes with different permeability and different packaging films (Nylon & LDPE) on 30 lb. pomegranate fruits (var. Wonderful) were investigated during 3 months storage at 4 degrees C. Pomegranates under air conditions were selected as control. Gas compositions inside package, pH and weight loss analysis were performed to monitor quality of pomegranate.Among the nylon group, C and D membrane design treatments maintained the O2 and CO2 levels around 6 % during the storage whereas O2 and CO2 concentrations were around 2% and 12% for E treatment, respectively. Among the LDPE group, CC and DD treatments maintained the O2 and CO2 levels around 5 % during the storage. At the end of the storage, all films delayed the changes in Brix level and weight loss of pomegranates better than the fruits stored under air conditions.

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