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Fresh Cut Process and Facility Design

Rudi Groppe

The Fresh Cut Process Line design and equipment selection presentation provides an overview of a typical fresh cut process line. This presentation is geared to be an introductory lesson in process design with a focus on equipment selection to implement the process plan. We will discuss the application of design zones and how they relate to sanitary equipment design.  The presentation will drill into the typical unit operations that apply to a fresh cut process line and highlight the latest ideas in providing a state of the art process line.

Understanding where pathogens existing and how they migrate in a process facility is the underling goal of The Sanitary Plant Design presentation. This presentation focuses on the application of sanitary design guiding principles and how they relate to both equipment design and facility design.  This presentation is designed to provide a basic understanding of the different hygienic zones that are based on a low risk to high risk assessment.  The presentation will cover typical components of a fresh cut facility from floors, walls to ceilings. We will also review floor drain systems and waste removal systems and electrical distribution systems and basic sanitary methods of manufacturing.

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