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Postharvest performance of fresh-cut 'Bing Bang' nectarine as affected by passive atmosphere packaging

Sortino G. (Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo), Allegra A. (Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo)Gallotta A. (Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences, University of Bari)Inglese P. (Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo).

Suitability to minimal processing of cv. 'Big Bang' was evaluated by storage fresh-cut slices for 12 days at 5 degrees C in a passive atmosphere, using rigid bi-oriented polystyrene bags (after washing, peeling and slicing). At each stage of storage (0, 2, 5, 9, 12 days after cut), appearance score, weight, color, firmness score, respiration rate, soluble solids, acidity and phenols were measured. Nectarine fresh cut stored at 5 degrees C under passive atmosphere, without chemical treatment, extended their shelf life. Fresh-cut slices fully retained their characteristics up to 5 days of storage. Weight, color, firmness score, soluble solids, acidity and phenols significantly decreased while appearance score did not change until 9 days of storage. The results have shown the ‘Big Bang’ nectarine cultivar, already appreciated for consumption as fresh fruit, was particularly suitable for fresh-cut production.This study may be a further contribution to the selection of nectarine cultivars to be processed as fresh-cut product not only on physiological parameters but also on the basis sensory data.

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