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Optimizing minimal processing and shelf life conditions to better preserve Chinese parsley quality

Hangjun Chen Qiang Han, Honglei Mu, Yongjun Zhou, Xiangjun Fang, Haiyan Gao* Key Laboratory of Fruits and Vegetabl es Postharvest and Processing Technology Research of Zhejiang Province, Food Science Institute, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Science, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310021, China

Chinese parsley (Coriandrum sativum L.) is one of the oldest aromatic vegetables which are used for flavoring. However, it could be easily lost its original nutrition and flavor, because of mechanical wounding and improper storage methods. Minimally processed vegetables (MPV) could mostly satisfy the new demand of vegetable consumption because of its nutrition, fresh, convenient and no pollution. Therefore, it was very important to find out the suitable minimal processing and preservation technology for Chinese parsley.

In this study, the suitable storage temperature for Chinese parsley was explored, the appropriate cleaning preservative was screened, and the suitable initial gas composition for modified atmosphere packaging was also to be screened. The main results are as follows:(1) The influence of different storage temperatures on the quality of the MPV Chinese parsley has been studied. The results indicated that reducing the storage temperatures appropriately favored Chinese parsley to maintaining the quality of MPV. (2)The impact of storage quality of MPV coriander cleaned with different preservatives (NaClO, steady-state ClO2 and sodium butylparaben) has been studied. It was indicated that preservative cleaning Chinese parsley helped to maintain the higher sensory scores and lower weight loss. (3)The gas composition for modified atmosphere packaging of Chinese parsley was explored, based on the effective on storage quality and regulation on senescence process. The results show that the gas composition of 15% O2 + 3% CO2 + 82% N2 could be able to participate in the regulation of reactive oxygen metabolism coriander.

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