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Fresh-cut Panel

On Wednesday, September 16, 2015, we will have the opportunity to hear from an industry-academic panel, moderated by Susanne Klose, Fresh Express.  Invited panelists will discuss current innovations and future research needs for the Fresh-cut industry, as well as strengthening industry and academic collaborations.

Panel moderator, Susanne Klose, has enjoyed a 7 year career with Fresh Express, where she currently serves as Director Research & Development. Her research at Fresh Express focuses on soil-borne pathogen control, growing practices, cultivar selection, harvest and postharvest process optimization, and processing and packaging enhancements to improve quality, sensory and shelf stability of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Her work also includes the development and commercialization of new salad mixes and healthy snacks.

Dr. Klose received her M.S. degree in Agronomy and Dr. agriculturarum (Dr. agr.) in Soil Science from the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg in Halle, and her Dr. rerum naturalium habilitatus (Dr. rer. nat. habil.) in Life Sciences from the Dresden University of Technology in Dresden, Germany. She has authored/co-authored 2 book chapters, 29 research articles in refereed journals, along with 31 abstracts and 10 extension teaching publications. She currently serves on the California Leafy Greens Research Board.   

Industry-Academic Panel

David Gombas

Senior VP Food Safety & Technology

United Fresh Produce Association

Maria Isabel Gil



Deirdre Holcroft


Holcroft Postharvest Consulting Inc.,

Hidemi Izumi


Dept. Science and Technology on Food Safety

Kinki University, Japan

Jason Kawata

Director of Quality Assurance

Taylor Farms

Latifah Modh Nor

Senior Principal Research Officer

Malaysian Agricultural Research and

Development Institute (MARDI)

Joan Rosen


JC Rosen Resources

Victor Rodov

Senior Research Scientist

Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)

Volcani Center, Israel


Alejandro Tomas Callejas

Research & Development Manager

Church Brothers/ True Leaf Farms

Trevor Suslow

Extension Research Specialist

Postharvest Quality and Safety

UC Davis


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