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Simulation Studies for Export Minimally Processed Durian by Air Shipment to Hong Kong

Nur Azlin, R. (MARDI), Latifah, M.N. (MARDI), Siti Aisyah, A. (MARDI), Pauziah, M. (MARDI), Zaipun, M.Z. (MARDI), Nurul Adibah, M. (MARDI), Zainab, M.Y. (MARDI), Hairiyah, M. (MARDI), Habsah, M. (MARDI), Razali, M. (MARDI), Zaulia, O. (MARDI), Nur Syafini, G., Joanna, C.L.Y. and Nur Alisha, O (MARDI).

Simulation studies for export minimally processed durian by air shipment to Hong Kong was conducted using newly dropped Mousang King durian. Two packing systems were evaluated by using rectangular polypropylene (PP) container (size; 185X125mm with shrink wrapping/400g/pack (a) and square PP container (size; 110x110mm) with seal packing/200g/pack (b). All samples were stored in -18 degrees C for 5 weeks. Following that, samples were transferred to 2 degrees C for 7 days to simulate retail condition at Hong Kong. Physical changes (colour and visual appearance), chemical changes (total soluble solid), and sensory acceptance were observed daily. Microbial counts (yeast and mould, total coliform, mesophilic aerobes) were also monitored to relate with product safety. Minimally processed durian in both packing systems (a and b) maintained its quality till the end of the 7 days storage as noted by only slight variation of chemical-physical parameter results. However, there are significant difference in the microbial counts as minimally processed durian packed in square PP container with seal packing (b) showed lower microbial aerobes as compared to packing using shrink wrap (a). Total coliform, yeast and mold also showed similar findings. Thus, the results revealed that smaller packing system using seal packing was more suitable for packing minimally processed durian for export by air shipment to Hong Kong.

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