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For e-Poster Presenters

Each e-Poster presenter will be given 5 minutes to present their e-Poster, and time for questions.  e-Poster sessions will utilize large LCD screens and computer stations.

The e-Poster format is limited to a single PowerPoint slide. Please refer to slide requirements detailed in the e-Poster Style Guide below. To assist presenters in conforming to e-Poster slide requirements, which will display properly on LCD screens, PowerPoint templates are available for download.

Authors may want to bring printed copies of their e-Poster to give to interested participants. Posters will be available online for conference participants to view at any time during the conference, and will be available for viewing through September 2016.

Posters should be sent to the Secretariat using the Presenter Portal by August 15, 2015. If an extension is needed, contact the Secretariat.

e-Poster Style Guide

Click on link below to view and download the e-Poster Style Guide.

e-Poster Style Guide

e-Poster Templates

Click on links below to view and download e-Poster PowerPoint templates.

e-Poster Template Light Background

e-Poster Template Dark Background

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